Thursday, December 11, 2008

Look at Me!

Posted by Nica at 8:41 PM
My daughter's a certified poser. In the most recent dress-up, she had her Tita Monet do her face and me her wardrobe. Looking at the first picture, she decided that the make up was too light and asked her Tita to put some more so that it will reflect in the picture.

This velvet black dress was given to gabby late last year by my lola. The ribbon is a sash for a satin blouse.

The haughty look.

This is actually a not flattering picture. I just liked the way she draped the scarf, which she actually uses as a pony tail or head band.

I bought the skirt for Php 25 and the blazer for 20 bucks.

She hasn't quite perfected this pose. In time she will.



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