Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Roaring Animal Slideshow For Gabby

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One of the things that I teach Gabby is the importance of writing about her experiences. I wouldn't be the blogger I am now if it wasn't for my 2nd Year High School English teacher who literally forced me to sign up for the journalism class so I can be a news writer for the campus. I guess she saw something in me that my I didn't. I am thankful for that. 

To help her with her writing, I provide her with both online and offline references. I am embedding here a slideshow that I just made for her using Animoto, a free tool for turning your pictures into rockin' and roarin' 30-second videos. The photos I included here were taken from our Zoocology visit last October 19, 2010.  

Zoocology is an animal bone and skin museum located at Manila Ocean Park. Obviously, these are just some of the animals that you can see in this little museum.. Visit and like the Zoocology Facebook page for more information on their latest events and promos. Here's the Animoto slideshow:

Create your own video slideshow at

I hope other mommy bloggers would also find this slideshow helpful. Why not show this to your kids and get them interested about animals. 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Sagala in August

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Last August 24, Gabby joined a sagala here in the new Barangay that we moved into. I just uploaded some of the pictures I have taken that day in my Photobucket account and I thought it would be nice to make a photo essay about it. 

Gabby wasn't smiling at the start of the parade.
 She wanted a very thick makeup and I was against it. I won.

They started the parade together but Kim (the girl who's not my daughter) 
got pulled in front of Gabby by the organizer. It was a very disorganized parade, 
but the kids didn't mind. The parents did.

See why I don't want her to be a very thick makeup? Not good in daylight. 
And this is Jenny, another neighborhood friend of hers.

After the parade, all the girls headed to the church for snacks and more picture taking

Hopefully, she gets to participate in a better sagala next year.  This one was just organized for the neighborhood kids so they'd have  an opportunity to dress up and be little princesses for a day.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Day With Other Mom Bloggers... Thanks Unilab!

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One of the dilemmas of being a mother is living your kid behind and treating yourself to a day of pampering and pleasure. This is especially true if you've got a baby or a toddler that's attached to you like an additional body part. You just can't bear to leave your kid for a couple of hours alone with your husband or nanny. You're always worried that something untoward might happen.

But mommies need some "me" time, too.  An afternoon of luxurious pampering or bonding time with friends. This personal times allows mommies to recharge themselves and come back at home better mommies. And Unilab understands it. Last Monday, October 11, Unilab treated a small group of mom bloggers to a luxurious Mommy's Day Out in Linden Suites.

The afternoon started with a very filling lunch buffet. Over lasagna (a favorite of mine and gabby),  buttered veggies breaded fish sticks, chicken, lemon squares and fresh fruits for dessert, mom bloggers exchanged amusing  tales about pregnancy cravings, potty training, and delivery tales. On a more serious note, we shared ways on how we can earn while we're staying at home as full-time mommies.

Jack Orendain of Unilab Corporate Affairs

Then the "mind pampering" started. After the very insightful welcome remarks from Jack Orendain of Unilab on the importance of spending quality time alone, beauty coach Ms Marie Calica gave us some must-follow beauty mantras that are guaranteed to keep us looking young and beautiful at our later years.

Beauty Coach Marie Calica

Next on the programme is the personal beauty makeup workshop with Anjie Gogna. She's a very charming -- and pretty -- makeup artist who taught us all we need to know about everyday makeup. The highlight of her workshop is the demonstration when she gamely answered questions from the her small audience. Suffice to say that I'd be coming more dolled up in my next event than usual, thanks to Anjie.

*Thansk to Mec for the photos

Finally, the real pampering began at Linden Suites' Mane Depot. We were treated to a refreshing hair spa, foot spa, manicure and pedicure. This provided an opportunity for us to get to know each other more intimately. Of course, there was blog talk and Wordpress and Google got discussed this time around. Since we all have kids to get home to, the ones who finished first left earlier and I was the second to the last one to go.

 I personally would like to commend Unilab and Wanda A. Pascua for what I think to be a very successful event. It was truly a Mommy's Day Out. I also welcome these mommy bloggers to my list:

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Little Big Club Concert - Watch Barney and the Gang!

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My daughter was a fan of Barney until she was three years old. I bought countless Barney DVDs just so she can watch Barney outside of its regular time slot in cable TV. She was so fond of Barney that my grandmother bought her a life size Barney stuffed toy in Divisoria.

Now, my niece is the Barney fan. She inherited Gabby's Barney DVDs and stuffed toys. But her favorite is the small, huggable Barney that her mom got her last Christmas.

For thousands of Filipino children that love Barney and the gang, Vivre Fort Entertainment in partnership with HIT Entertainment and Millennium Entertainment Worldwide proudly brings THE LITTLE BIG CLUB LIVE IN CONCERT at the ALIW THEATER in Pasay City for 10 shows from December 16-19, 2010.

The Little Big Club Live In Concert stars all your favorite characters, in one fun, song and dance, musical show!

Featuring a cast of 13, The Little Big Club Live in Concert brings the loveable, huggable T-rex
BARNEY, along with his dinosaur buddies, BJBABY BOP and cousin RIFF.

Joining Barney and his dino friends in this 70-minute stage show are the much loved
THOMAS AND FRIENDSBOB THE BUILDER with his can-do-crew WENDY andSPUDANGELINA BALLERINA and her best friend ALICEPINGUFIREMAN SAMand his sidekick NAUGHTY NORMAN, all in one line up, as never seen before! 13 characters for the price of 1 ticket. A perfect family entertainment for the holiday season.

Tickets are available in all SM Tickets located in all SM Cinema Ticket Booths. Ticket Prices: VIP Gold P2100, VIP Center P1800, VIP Sides P1500, Patron Center P900, Patron Sides P600. For inquiries, call
 (02) 470 6956 or (02) 668 9535.

But, if you want to win free tickets, you can join Pehpot's contest. Just click on the link below:

Goodluck mommies!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Gabby Says Happy Birthday Gage!

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October 7 was my nephew's first birthday party and I am sharing a video of Gabby participating in a parlor game during the celebrations held October 9 in Shakey's Pacita, San Pedro, Laguna.

Why Four?

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Literally, that question translates to Filipino as "Bakit apat?" And this was my daughter's question yesterday after I took my seat next to here in Shakey's Pacita. My nephew, Gage, celebrated his first birthday there and Gabby forcibly volunteered me for a game.This was my answer to the question "How many BFs/GFs did you have?"

She was frowning and clearly bothered that I told the people there that I had four boyfriends. My daughter is at that age when she doesn't like the idea of me having lots of boyfriends or dating anybody seriously. I had to reassure her that it was just for the game and not true at all. Which is the truth, fortunately.

Upon reflection, this is a dilemma that many single moms face. It's a harder to meet a decent guy who'd date you with good intentions. But it's harder to actually introduce someone to your child because you don't want premature attachments to form before you even get into a relationship with the guy.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Little Lady

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I love this picture of Gabby. She looks like a small lady here. I caught this picture during Bisolvon's Alagang Supermom event at Martha's Cakes in Serendra. She was really unaware that I was taking her picture using the Nokia E71 camera my brother traded for my old air conditioning system.

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