Sunday, October 10, 2010

Why Four?

Posted by Nica at 2:52 PM
Literally, that question translates to Filipino as "Bakit apat?" And this was my daughter's question yesterday after I took my seat next to here in Shakey's Pacita. My nephew, Gage, celebrated his first birthday there and Gabby forcibly volunteered me for a game.This was my answer to the question "How many BFs/GFs did you have?"

She was frowning and clearly bothered that I told the people there that I had four boyfriends. My daughter is at that age when she doesn't like the idea of me having lots of boyfriends or dating anybody seriously. I had to reassure her that it was just for the game and not true at all. Which is the truth, fortunately.

Upon reflection, this is a dilemma that many single moms face. It's a harder to meet a decent guy who'd date you with good intentions. But it's harder to actually introduce someone to your child because you don't want premature attachments to form before you even get into a relationship with the guy.



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