Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Sagala in August

Posted by Nica at 9:24 AM
Last August 24, Gabby joined a sagala here in the new Barangay that we moved into. I just uploaded some of the pictures I have taken that day in my Photobucket account and I thought it would be nice to make a photo essay about it. 

Gabby wasn't smiling at the start of the parade.
 She wanted a very thick makeup and I was against it. I won.

They started the parade together but Kim (the girl who's not my daughter) 
got pulled in front of Gabby by the organizer. It was a very disorganized parade, 
but the kids didn't mind. The parents did.

See why I don't want her to be a very thick makeup? Not good in daylight. 
And this is Jenny, another neighborhood friend of hers.

After the parade, all the girls headed to the church for snacks and more picture taking

Hopefully, she gets to participate in a better sagala next year.  This one was just organized for the neighborhood kids so they'd have  an opportunity to dress up and be little princesses for a day.



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