Thursday, September 24, 2009

An Unexpected (SHOCKING!) Request

Posted by Nica at 7:38 PM
This afternoon Gabby and I walked to the supermarket to buy fish for dinner (She loves fish!). On our way back she asked me to keep all her clothes stored. This isn't really unusual by itself. She's made that request several times in the past. But what shocked me (and I guess every mom of a 5 year old girl would be) is the reason why she wanted me to keep her clothes.

 "Para pag nagkaaanak ako."

I didn't think I heard that correctly so I asked her to explain. She said she wanted to save her clothes for the baby she will have in the future. I was shocked that at her age she knows that she wants to have a baby (Well, at least she didn't say babies!) Now I know that my daughter's going to be more than a handful when she hits puberty.



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