Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gabby's 7th Birthday Celebration

Posted by Nica at 2:53 PM
Last Sunday, November 7, we celebrated gabby's 7th birthday with a very impromptu party. We planned it to be a very simple affair, a cupcake party for kids, and it turned out to be a real children's party complete with games and lots of screaming, happy children.

I must admit, since we didn't plan anything at all, except for the cupcake decorations, the kids were bored at the start. So we decided to feed them first before we started the games. We served lasagna, as per  Gabby's request, corndogs, chicken lollipop and creme puff. 

Then, we had them decorate the chocolate cupcakes that my mom baked and topped with chocolate icing. We had black and white choco chips, mini M&Ms, and candy sprinkles. All the kids there, except for Gabby, experienced decorating their own cupcakes for the first time so you can just imagine how excited they were to make their own creations. This turned out to be a contest. My sister chose the best designed cupcake and we awarded it 50 pesos. (I told yah it's impromptu!).

Then we had some games. The first one was a game from our childhood. A 25 centavo coin was hidden in a small bowl of flour and the kids are not allowed to use their hands to get the coin. The coin was washed. Pretty Pam won the game. Her face ended up looking like this:

Then we did some animal sound game. it's like Hep Hep Hooray but instead of Hep Hep and Hooray, I ask for animal sounds. It was really funny because some kids kept saying Meh! for cows and Ko-kak for chicken. Hilarious in real life.

Of course, there was everyone's favorite -- the musical chairs game. It was amusing to see that some kids aren't inhibited at all. They gamely danced.

My sister wanted a singing contest since she borrowed a Magic Sing. But we cannot get it to work and it was getting late.We let go of the children, each one holding a box of cupcakes in their hands. That was their loot bag!

Impromptu as it was, we were happy to see kids having a good time, especially Gabby. She was able to bond with her intimate set of friends, reconnect with her godmother, and meet a couple of new kids. Plus, she got gifts which she really liked. 

Promise to post more pics later on! Gotta buy a cable for the phone for easy transferring. 



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