Monday, December 29, 2008

When I Was a Lil'L Angel

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I was looking at my Friendster account when I saw these pictures of Gabby. I suppose these were taken when she was a year old, but I really don't remember. What I do remember is that all she had colds when these were taken in the studio.

I was teaching her to fly...... I ended up asking just pushing her up....

I never get tired seeing this picture. I remember that the necklace she was wearing was a part of a silver jewelry set that her Ninong Gab gave to her.

She really looks like an Angel on this one. Time indeed do fly fast.. Now she's little devil.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Party

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My daughter's kindergarten class had their Christmas Party last December 18, 2008. Since there were only a few students, six to be exact, they had a potluck. Gabby was asked to bring spaghetti and juice for 10 people, while the others brought cake and chicken. It was a small gathering, which I was able to witness first hand. Here are a few photos from the small event:

All quite while eating....

The Astigs....

Another group picture for the Astigs...

Gabby and Louise-- BFF

We're going home... Christmas Vacation here we come!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter Wonderland at Snow World Manila

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Last year my daughter and I went to Snow World in Star City. We had a blast when we first went in, but my daughter begged me to go out on the second time we came in. Probably because we immediately went back in after we got. I was so excited to slide on ice that I forgot my daughter was only four. Unfortunately, she wanted out before we could have our picture taken by the official photographer.

This year we celebrated Manu's birthday in Star City. To make the most out of the hundred bucks we paid for entrance to Snow World, we decided to enter it first and return later. It was a good decision because my daughter enjoyed the slide and we were able to get our pictures taken the second time we came in. Here's the photo:

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Look at Me!

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My daughter's a certified poser. In the most recent dress-up, she had her Tita Monet do her face and me her wardrobe. Looking at the first picture, she decided that the make up was too light and asked her Tita to put some more so that it will reflect in the picture.

This velvet black dress was given to gabby late last year by my lola. The ribbon is a sash for a satin blouse.

The haughty look.

This is actually a not flattering picture. I just liked the way she draped the scarf, which she actually uses as a pony tail or head band.

I bought the skirt for Php 25 and the blazer for 20 bucks.

She hasn't quite perfected this pose. In time she will.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dancing Jollibee

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Here is a video of Jollibee dancing to the tune of Kagat Labi during Gabby and Toni's birthday celebration last November 8. You'll be seing my coursing Marron attempting to dance with it and Edge, the little guy in yellow, having no qualms about dancing with the lovable mascot.

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

An Ordinary Day

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Gabby loves to dress up and model. A day wouldn't pass that she won't be asking me to take her picture. Whether were just in the room bonding together, or at the mall doing some shopping, Gabby's every waking moment is a photo opportunity. Photos below were taken after we went to the mall.

Up close and personal

I love this wall!

What a pose! So cute!

She thought of this pose all by herself. A natural model!

That's my girl pose!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dressing Up With Gabby

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My daughter loves to play dress up. Curtains and blankets become gowns on her, tied together by curtain sashes, belts, and ribbons. After we celebrated her 5th Bday last November 8, she and her cousins took turns wearing the gowns we rented for the party.

We rented this new gown for 600 bucks. Might as well make the most out of it before returning it.

The peticot becomes a gown for these two!

Who would have thought this Tinkerbell costume would ever fit gabby and Jerry? They did fit, without unzipping.

Gabby's Bumping

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We went to Star City last October 30 to celebrate Manu's 7th birthday. We weren't able to check out as many rides as we want to but Gabby did manage to ride the bump cars. Thank God those aren't real cars because my daughter does not seem to have the natural talent for driving that some kids do. Check out her driving skills in the video below.

I know, I know the video is too dark. In my haste I forgot to set it to night mode. But you can't miss her smiles. That's the most important.


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