Thursday, July 22, 2010

English Moment

Posted by Nica at 12:55 PM
I noticed that my daughter doesn't speak English at home anymore. She used to and she tries when she was in a private school. I had to tell her yesterday to practice speaking English. I gave her the "I speak in English, you speak i English" rule.  So here's how it went:

Me: Gabby you should practice your English.

Gabby: Bakit? (Why?)

Me: Because you don't get to speak English at school.

Gabby: Nagsasalita naman ng English si teacher. (My teacher speaks English).

Me: Basta, you should practice it. Especially during conversations like this.

Gabby: Bakit mama, sa Enchanted Kingdom ba nag-iEnglish ba sila dun? (Do they speak English in Enchanted Kingdom?)

Now, you must be wondering why Enchanted Kingdom was mentioned. This is because I told her that I'd be bringing her to the amusement park on Saturday, provided that the plan with my friends push through. 

Anyhow, she still speaks Tagalog and I still talk to her English. 



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