Friday, July 16, 2010

Losing Patience

Posted by Nica at 3:13 AM
Yesterday was one of those days when I lost my patience with Gabby. We woke up at 6am and found out that her skirt smells like shit because she peed on it twice and didn't soak it for washing. So I had to go with her and buy a skirt in the public market. Fortunately, the public market is just a few meters away from her school so we made it well ahead of the start of her class.

Since we woke up late, I had to bring her lunch. Truly, the condition of public schools and students here are deplorable but the teachers and students make do. We can either have lunch in the covered court or in the small canteen. I chose the small canteen.

As I was preparing her lunch, I noticed that Gabby is near peeing in her skirt. She stood in line but there were three students in front of her and she just couldn't contain her anymore and peed in her undies and skirt. I totally lost it! I have told her time and time again to pee in their classroom's CR before the lunch break.

I dragged Gabby back to her classroom and told her teacher that she would not be attending the afternoon class because she just peed in her skirt. The teacher assured me that she doesn't forbid the students from using the bathroom.

All the way to the terminal I was yapping at her, letting steam off under the heat of the midday sun. I cannot believe that my daughter did peed in her skirt thrice in a week. When I looked back at her, I saw her hair scattered all over the place. In my anger, I took her to the salon and had her hair cut.

I know that I need a lesson or two in anger management. But I am quite thankful that I did not hit her. I did apologize a few hours after and, to make up for the haircut, I cut mine, too. But I think I overdid it. Anyway, see the picture below.



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